Organic growth on social media will happen by running an active, vibrant social media campaign, and by sharing content relevant and interesting to the target audience. Augmenting the gradual growth with a paid advertising campaign leads to even greater results. We believe it’s such an important element to any social media strategy, we build an advertising budget for our clients in each proposal we submit.

kickboxing-300x150In addition to using digital advertising to boost online followers, we also use it for special client events, sales or products to help boost sales. This gives us an opportunity to share key information with a targeted audience.

CH adWe create the graphic for the ad, research the demographics to target, set up the advertisement, and manage the ongoing advertising campaign, making any changes necessary during the advertising campaign period.

And, for clients needing print ad design, we offer graphic design services to create visually pleasing and compelling content to help the client stand out in a sea of other advertising. Visit our Graphic Design page to learn more.