Okay, so nowFree-Design that I have you here, I feel a little guilty about the somewhat misleading title of this article. Just a little, though, because you were not hoodwinked to visit based upon an outright lie.

We do offer free graphic design. What makes the title a bit confusing (albeit on purpose–had to get you here, right?) is that if you call us because you started a new business and want us to create your logo, an ad that will appear in print, or say the masthead for your website–of course we are going to charge for our services.

What we do offer free is design work to our clients who have monthly accounts with us. If we are running a social media campaign, sending out marketing emails, handling corporate blog post writing, or overseeing online reputation management, we create what is needed and never add a line item to a monthly invoice for these services.

And for the glass-half-empty folks, no–we don’t mark up our services to cover the graphic design time. We quote for clients what the monthly fee will be for the activities we are being hired to perform. It could mean we do design work in the future to support a blog post or special event for a client, but it might not. So, we do the work as it comes up without a nickel-and-dime approach to our business model.

Here are a few examples:

A graphic to help us promote voting for our client to win a “Best of Houzz” badge for 2015:


A collage to share several items in one image of client’s new merchandise from a Milan buying trip:


An image to brand a client’s Thursday music series, which will be used on Instant Seats (ticket sales), emails, blog post, home page of website, etc:


A graphic to promote a summer sale on their Facebook page, sidebar ad on their website, email, etc:


Want to learn more about our services? Great! Check out our services section of our website or contact us directly for more information.