Screen-Shot-2015-03-01-at-11.45.48-AM-300x155I find most prospective clients understand how Facebook works and how their business could benefit from a presence on the site. Facebook is the largest social media site in the world, and the cornerstone for most business’ online presence. If a business owner wants to initially start small or has budgetary restrictions, we often enter into a conversation regarding Facebook-only versus the right combination of social media sites to promote their business.

When discussing Twitter, I am asked many questions, including:

  • Why Twitter?
  • Isn’t that for young people?
  • Why would I need Twitter if I have Facebook?
  • How will my business benefit from Twitter?

Each social media site serves a unique purpose, and deciding the right mix of social media sites to utilize to promote a client is an important one. In explaining Twitter, I describe the opportunity to focus with laser precision the type of person (or business) we want to attract for a client. It could be individuals who work in specific industries, people located in certain geographic locations, lifestyle, gender, shopping habits, favorite travel locations, and more. Our team can target daily the right groups for our clients to achieve something different on Twitter. It also lends itself to more rapid follower growth, which we leverage to increase followers on other platforms as well. Additionally, our use of hashtags (#) is well researched for trending popularity and appropriateness, for our clients’ advantage with each tweet released.

For example, we have a client who is seeking out high-net-worth individuals, luxury residences, architects, and top realtors worldwide for their interior design services. 36% of their business is international, so targeting individuals and businesses worldwide was an essential part of the strategy. While working on domestic branding, our team decided to focus one international location at a time. Our first target: Dubai, UAE.

In a short period of time we were able to garner retweets, follows, and conversations with the right people in this region of the world, and we are continuing to build on this daily. While this is an extreme example of precision capable on Twitter, it shines a light on the ability to leverage Twitter for our clients in such a way to attract and have online conversations with the right mix of people.

A client with a restaurant in Cleveland Park wanting to attract people in a walkable distance to their restaurant, a real estate agent targeting a particular zip code, a workout gym wanting to capture people who live and work within ten miles of their location, or a company wanting to increase exposure in a specific industry could all benefit from Twitter to accomplish their goals. For more information on the benefits of Twitter, contact us.