Start-Up Business Strategy

Entrepreneurs work hard to get ready to launch a business, but with the digital space being such a critical piece for messaging and audience building, many new business owners are finding their chance of success is much smaller if they ignore the digital space when designing their launch strategy. We work to create a digital strategy to ensure a successful launch. It is best to incorporate us into the planning as early as possible for the greatest level of success, but we have worked with companies immediately following their launch as well.

Website Assessment 

This service will help you make improvements to the look, functionality, and traffic to your site on your own or with your in-house staff. The detailed report will list recommendations for all aspects of the site: layout, organization, pages, navigation, traffic analysis, design, and content.  The assessment is a great option if you want ideas to take your site to the next level of success on a budget.

Site Launch Strategy

Taking an idea for an online presence, and being able to successfully execute it is a challenging task. How it is carried out can mean the difference between long-term success or failure. Our team will work together with you to create a clear vision and execution strategy for your online venture. We can create the launch blueprint, work on implementation for a successful launch, and continue in a consulting role in the crucial early months.

Crowdfunding Campaign Consulting

The planning for a crowdfunding campaign launch is critical for success. Which platform is best for your campaign? How much money is needed to reach your business goal? What perks should be offered for each contribution level? How do you succinctly and effectively communicate your funding needs? What images should be used? How can embedded video work to convey your message? Once launched, how will you effectively market your campaign? Our team can work with you to create and execute a strategy for the best chance for success in your crowdfunding campaign.