Knowing your social media effort is an essential part of your business marketing plan, but lacking the time or knowledge to focus on strategy and implementation is where our team can assist. We can successfully execute a well-designed strategy to promote your business by running a campaign on your behalf. Delegating this to us allows you more time to focus on day-to-day business needs, and ensures professionals with an intimate knowledge of the space are managing it.

Whether there is only one social media account to manage or several for a larger presence, our team excels in implementation for effective campaigns. You can expect a detail-oriented, results-focused, social media campaign designed to be an integral part of your business growth.

Our social media campaign work consists of:

  • Analyzing existing social media activity.

  • Conducting competitor and industry-specific analyses.

  • Developing a new content strategy.

  • Creating a posting schedule to optimize reach.

  • Creating content daily for your target audience.

  • Aggressively working on an increase in followers.

  • Monitoring regularly to improve results each month.