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Crowdfunding Campaign Management

Once you have done the work to prepare for a successful crowdfunding campaign, it’s time to launch. With a finite amount of time in which to reach your funding goal, each day of marketing for your campaign is critical. Our team can manage, execute, or augment your existing marketing team to ensure a successful outreach campaign is working to reach your funding goals.

Blog/Virtual Book Tour

You have finished writing your masterpiece, but now what? How do you create a buzz around your book to drive sales? Virtual, or blog, book tours are a convenient, cost-effective approach for marketing your book. Our team will work with you to create a marketing plan, assist with book tour promotional materials, put out a call to bloggers to host, manage spacing of events, and market reviews and tour progress. It’s an excellent way to successfully launch your book, and generate sales.

Contact us if you would like more information, or to inquire regarding rates for marketing services.