facebook-ad-20100806-195454-222x300We state in every proposal submitted for review that we run a very active, vibrant social media campaign for clients with Facebook activity level at roughly 24 posts per week and even more per week on Twitter. I am often questioned about whether the frequency we state is necessary to really make a significant impact on behalf of our clients.

I hear:

“That seems like a lot.”

“I don’t think that many is necessary.”

And my favorite: 

“I don’t want to annoy people with so many posts.”

As of July 2015, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with 900 million unique users logging in each month. Alexa ranks Facebook as the second most visited website in the world.

A single post shared on a business Facebook page is the equivalent of a single pebble being dropped into the Atlantic Ocean; it has little chance of making a significant impact or being seen. That sounds depressing, and might make some throw their hands up in despair, thinking it is not worth any effort as a result.

Instead of taking a defeatist attitude, it’s important to intimately understand this platform, and work it to the advantage of a business.

  • Of the four types of organic posts, how are each currently being treated–most to least favorably–in the Facebook algorithm?
  • Knowing about the various types of organic posts, are they being utilized the best for the messages being shared?
  • What times each day are Facebook fans most likely to see a post being shared by a particular business page?
  • Is there a good representation of content each day, throughout the day being shared?
  • Is there a significant mix of content that encourages likes, share, comments?
  • Which posts in the past have been viral? How can this be capitalized on in the future?

These are just some of the questions that lead to an active, vibrant campaign that is actually being seen on Facebook.

Is your presence what you would like it to be on Facebook?

If not, contact us to discuss how that can be improved significantly.

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