NG Media prides itself in being a small, boutique firm. Each of our team members offers a unique set of skills and expertise, allowing us to offer a full suite of personalized services designed to meet each of our clients’ particular needs. Our team skill set includes everything from graphic design and photography to marketing and content curation. By having great staff talent in which to choose from, we are able to ensure the perfect combination of team members for each unique project. Visit Our Team page to learn more about our founder, web designers, and digital medial team.

A vast majority of our work is done in-house. On rare occasion, we may outsource a project in order to ensure timely delivery to a client.

NG Media is a full-service digital media agency that specializes in working with start-ups as well as small and medium-sized businesses. By offering a comprehensive suite of digital services, we are an indispensable resource for our clients by managing either part of all of their digital strategy. We also offer a comprehensive training program to business leaders who want to manage their own digital media program but need assistance and guidance.

A member of our team is always available to meet with a client, either in-person or virtually, when the need arises. In addition, we provide our clients with regular updates about the successes we are seeing while implementing their digital strategy. We are also very proactive in offering suggestions and advice about next steps and follow-up, when appropriate.

At NG Media, we specialize in delivering client-focused results. The most common and sought-after results include an increase in social media presence, effective email marketing campaigns, creation or redesign of websites, increase in website traffic, and writing expertise. Visit Our Services to learn more.

At NG Media, we are committed to increasing our client’s digital marketing success through traditional and innovative approaches. Tapping into years of combined experience, our team is able to understand the overall marketing and sales objective for an organization and then create a comprehensive strategy that will help them meet or exceed their goals. Each of our clients can expect creative, effective, and affordable results.

We have worked with countless clients in over 50 different industries (and counting) over the years. Our projects have varied greatly in size and scope with one common outcome: a very happy client.

It’s not your job to know what the best digital media strategy would be for your company or even how to implement it. It’s our responsibility to put together a blueprint, execute, monitor, adjust, and continue to work it to achieve great results for you!

No two digital strategies are the same–whether it’s level of effort, social media platforms, email marketing strategy or any other aspect of the digital space. Our highly customized plans are part of our success for clients.

Interesting name, right? One of the biggest moments of pause in launching this business was to name it “naked girl” or not. Kelly knew it was potentially a risk, but she had built a big online following with her award-winning lifestyle blog, Naked Girl in a Dress, which was, in part, a springboard for what she is doing today.

Five years later, with a team of ten, we would say the risk paid off.

Why wouldn’t you is the bigger question! Every size company, from start ups to the largest companies in the world, are seeing the advantages of having a presence on social media platforms. And, most large companies are making significant shifts in their focus to digital. Pepsi, for example dedicated 40% of their advertising spend for the 2016 Super Bowl in digital (social media advertising).

Everyone should have a digital presence. Period.

There’s not a truer statement than one we read recently: “Market like the year you live in.”

Responsive design is referring to your website adjusting the view for the device in which the site is being seen. So, desktop vs. tablet vs. smartphone. If your site doesn’t automatically adjust, it’s not just annoying for visitors, but will negatively impact your SEO rank with Google. One of the algorithm changes in 2015 made it a significant ranking hit for companies who didn’t have a responsive design.

One of the questions often asked is, “Have you ever worked with someone in our industry?” It’s a valid question, especially since some digital media agencies specialize on just one industry. There seems to be a fear we won’t understand the intricacies of a particular industry to be able to succeed.

Over the years our team has worked with clients in over 50 different industries,  including the following business sectors: Corporate Housing, Market Research, Keynote Speaking, Publishing, Professional Writing, Higher Education, Accounting, Film, Non-Profit Organizations, Professional Sports, Pet Boarding/Grooming, Camps, Corporate Consulting, Contemporary Art, Home Furnishings, Legal, Wedding, Restaurant, Government Contracting, Music, Automotive, Real Estate, Antique, Golf, Running, Interior Design, Politics, Business Coaching, Food Market, Women’s Retail, Men’s Shoes, Staffing, Wellness Coaching, Personal Training, Travel, Home Improvement, Mortgage, Triathlon, Ballet/Dance, Marketing, iPhone App Development, Photography, Cruise, Home Technology, Entertainment, Property Management, Home Builders, Medical, Housing, Business Advisory, Senior Living, Television Production, Insurance, International Relations, Analytic Research, and more.

And, for those who don’t see their industry listed above, don’t be concerned. We have created unique strategies in a wide range of industries, and executed on those plans successfully. We are experts at what we do, and know the right questions to ask you to represent your business well.