How to Adjust Your Business during COVID-19

Writing this blog post Sunday morning, reflecting over the last week, there's so much to unpack in what we have all experienced. Our work routines and home life have been greatly impacted, how we connect with each other has been significantly restricted, concern for loved ones and friends is heightened, and witnessing everything happening has [...]

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Fall To Do: A Comprehensive Marketing Review

While I try to extend flip flop season as long as possible, there are  a few things the fall brings that I look forward to each year.  I love milder temperatures (preferably still warm enough for said flip flops), beautiful fall foliage, fun seasonal festivals, and pumpkin spice everything. What I also enjoy in the [...]

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Marketing to Millennials through Social Media

Marketing to Millennials The Millennial generation is made up of people born between 1982-2004. This one generation alone counts for hundreds of billions of dollars in buying power every year. For business owners in countless industries, if you aren’t marketing to this generation of young individuals, you are making a mistake with your marketing strategy now and for years to [...]

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6 Reasons Blogging for Your Business is Essential

The significant growth in our company (specifically in social media services) in the last few years is indicative of the understanding that social media isn't an optional part of the overall marketing strategy for businesses anymore--it's essential. With business owners and corporate decision makers espousing to me these days their need for a social media [...]

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Are You An Ant Or A Grasshopper in Your Business?

Summer is a time for fun....lots of ice cream, vacations with my family, gardening, time spent on any body of water, letting the kids stay up late, crab feasts, family game nights, a glass of wine on the deck in the evening with my husband, adventures with the kids, and so much more. I also [...]

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