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2015: No Need to Fear Facebook Algorithm Changes

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Each time there is a Facebook algorithm change, two things consistently happen: Facebook haters start their battle cries, trying to rally the troops for a mass exodus. Business owners have a the-sky-is-falling mentality regarding their future [...]

2015: Happy New Year from NG Media

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Our entire team would like to extend thanks to our clients as we enter a new business year. 2014 was a fun year as our team--an extension of your business team--enjoyed watching the growth and successes your business achieved last [...]

Now Hiring: Another Awesome Team Member

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With word getting out that the NG Media team is the one to hire if you want to get great results, we are busy. Busy is good. We like busy. But we don't like too [...]

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Business

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Someone at a large company today checked trending topics on Twitter with the hope of finding something they could use to help promote their product line. With a trending topic they found, coupled with a [...]

We Offer Free Graphic Design Services

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Okay, so now that I have you here, I feel a little guilty about the somewhat misleading title of this article. Just a little, though, because you were not hoodwinked to visit based upon an [...]

We are Hiring: Social Media Specialist

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No stuffed shirts need apply, and we won't ask you to fill out long employment questionnaires or drone on about the corporate policies. We will tell you why it's great to work for Naked Girl [...]