Naked-Girl-photo_low-res-300x199Two of my online projects came to life in the month of April, which makes it an important month for me. After almost a year of research and professional development, I felt ready to launch my first online project: Naked Girl in a Dress. The blog was my “test case,” to practice on while I prepared for my next launch.

Something I finally learned in the last six years is that life can’t be planned, no matter how hard we try. As this blog turns three this month, I realize how it was not a stepping stone to something else, but rather the foundation in which something much bigger was built. I continue to be happily surprised by the level of success from this site, and enjoy the writing outlet it provides me.S30P-logo-without-tag-line-or-box_CROP-300x138In April of 2012, I re-launched a social media site for writers called Studio 30 Plus. With the help of a partner who worked alongside me for the first few months, we changed everything about the site: the domain name, logo design, platform it was built upon, concept of the community, and more. The site was given to me after it had been in existence for a few years in lieu of shuttering the site. I was happy for the opportunity to build the community, but saw many changes that would need to happen for the site to reach the next level for writers.  Now, with the help of a large team, the site has grown tremendously in this first year since the re-launch. I am happy to be the community leader, but more important, just to be a member of this great group of writers. I am inspired and impressed daily.

Here’s to a happy anniversary to two of my internet babies!