To succeed and continue to grow, digital media has to be part of every business strategy. If planned and executed properly, it will be the best investment of time and money to help you reach your business objectives. But the struggle for most is planning and executing in a way that reaches the desired results. Our four-week webinar is the perfect course for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and start ups. It consists of four 90-minute webinar sessions plus one 60-minute one-on-one session. The webinar sessions are limited to a very small number of participants, which allows each participant time to discuss their objectives, fully understand the material,  learn to implement, and ask questions.

During the course you will:

  • Create a digital strategy for your organization.
  • Learn how to professionally execute your strategy.
  • Receive customized homework assignments to implement what you learn.
  • Be invited to a private Facebook group for ongoing networking and support.
  • Have one 60-minute call with Kelly for one-on-one training on a topic best suited for your business objectives.

Early Enrollment Special: $1000

This four-week program is a great way to kick off your business for a successful 2017! The first three session dates for 2017 are now open for registration, and are limited to a small number of enrollees for each–so don’t put off registering. More session start dates will be added as these first three fill up. To enroll, fill out the contact form to the right, hit send, and we will reach out to you right away. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

Session Dates Now Open:

  • Week of February 6th
  • Week of February 21st

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“Kelly and her excellent team are smart, savvy and up to date about trends in social media, web site construction, email marketing, business development and all things related to growing your business another two or three levels! If you are already successful or almost there, working with Kelly ensures that you and your company will grow substantively and quickly. Kelly is a joy to work with.”

Joanna C., Consulting Firm

“Kelly’s knowledge of social media trends, statistics and targeted communications is empowering. As a long time IT professional, working with Kelly was refreshing. She remains open to the newness of the evolving internet with a keen eye for what may work for you, right now and in the long term.”

Kerri R., Professional Photographer