Are You An Ant Or A Grasshopper in Your Business?

Summer is a time for fun....lots of ice cream, vacations with my family, gardening, time spent on any body of water, letting the kids stay up late, crab feasts, family game nights, a glass of wine on the deck in the evening with my husband, adventures with the kids, and so much more. I also [...]

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2015: Happy New Year from NG Media

Our entire team would like to extend thanks to our clients as we enter a new business year. 2014 was a fun year as our team--an extension of your business team--enjoyed watching the growth and successes your business achieved last year. Whether we wrote original content for your website's blog, ran your email marketing campaign, executed your social media content [...]

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We Offer Free Graphic Design Services

Okay, so now that I have you here, I feel a little guilty about the somewhat misleading title of this article. Just a little, though, because you were not hoodwinked to visit based upon an outright lie. We do offer free graphic design. What makes the title a bit confusing (albeit on purpose--had to get [...]

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Website Development and Design for Artist Completed

For a modern artist wanting to focus attention on his artwork and talent, having a masthead with a simple, clean design was essential. The masthead shown above is the final decision for a website design client we added in March, artist Drew Nussbaum. The home page has an image of one of his paintings: an [...]

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Quick Turnaround on Graphic Design Project

It's always fun to receive a call from a client for a quick turnaround project that allows for creative design time. Hired several months ago to create a new website, update their logo, and run their entire digital media campaign monthly, Model Home Clearance asked this month to design a 1/2 page ad for their [...]

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